Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Doesn't Like Pizza?

"Pizza is a canvas for an open mind. It is kid-friendly, fun to make, and enjoyed by all." --Buffy Owens

Think of another activity, either in the kitchen or elsewhere, that children would enjoy doing with adult participation. Make a comment in which you describe what the activity would be, what work would need to be done beforehand, and what materials might be needed.


  1. I would make ham and cheese rolls with children. You need tortilla's, ham slices and cheese. You put the ham slices and cheese on a tortilla and then roll it up and the adult would cut up and serve to the children

  2. I would make dirt cups with the children. You need chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies and gummy worms. You place the pudding in the bottom of the glass, then add crushed up cookies. Top it off with a gummy worm. Enjoy!

  3. I would do pudding art with children. Get out some prepared pudding and heavy paper and let the kids finger paint pudding on the paper. Young toddlers can finger paint their high chair tray instead of paper. Kids enjoy this activity and they can feel free to eat the paint!

  4. I would make vanilla wafer hamburgers. You take two vanilla wafers and have a grasshopper cookie in the middle. Have little tubes of red and yellow frosting so they can add ketchup and mustard to their "hamburger". I have green coconut for lettuce, and you can even add sesame seeds to the top (with a little water). Some kids won't put the yellow frosting on because they don't like mustard! It's a fun way to make their own snack.

  5. I would do table painting with the children. Choose two or three colors of paint, put a glob of each paint color in front of the child thats painting, have them swirl the paint all around the table with their hands, mixing the colors together. When the child is finished painting take a sheet of paper and press it on top of the paint, then when you peel it off, you have a neat design on the paper. The kids love this art because they get to use their hands as the paintbrush.

  6. Pudding Art was by Jacqueline Bruessow, Vanilla Wafer Hamburgers was by Beth Dufresne,
    Table Painting was by Alyssa Bothe...all three people used this account, sorry for the confusion.

  7. Materials:
    Assortment of small boxes
    Pine cones
    Pipe Cleaners or twigs
    paint brush

    The kids can make pine cone decorated baskets. Use the paint brush to spread glue all over the box's exterior. Add any pine cones onto the layer of glue. Glue on the pipe cleaner or twig as a handle. When dry the kids have a basket to take home. We go on outdoor adventures and collect materials from the yard first and bring them in to make the crafts. The kids can each take along a bag and put items in that they want to use for their own basket. Kids love this project and gives them a sense of ownership over what they created. Makes a great gift too!

  8. This spring my grandsons and I planted some seeds, but alas, no plants. Since I have never had a green thumb, I am learning right along with them, I think we drowned them. So this week the plan is to go to our local nursery and buy some seedlings. We will also ask for advice from the experts. My goal is for my grandsons to develop their "farming" skills, on a very small scale, and of course, to have fun. Hopefully we will have a few vegetables on our table this summer from our own little garden.